Cadjan Sacred

Cadjan Sacred is a window onto 3000 years of Sri Lankan history. The only private residential property within the UNESCO world heritage core of the sacred city of Anuadhapura. This ancestral Wallawa (manor house) has been owned by the same family for centuries and now lovingly restored allows visitors to immerse themselves in the island’s ancient capital.

Explore the colossal stupas of Jethavanarama and Ruwanwelisaya. Discover the 2500 year old direct descendant of the bodhi tree under which the Buddha attained enlightenment. Witness the still functioning channels and reservoirs of what was, at its time, the most advanced hydraulic civilization on earth. Understand Sri Lanka by unlocking the secrets of its thousand year capital then return to contemplate your discoveries in the comfort and tranquility of Cadjan Sacred.


Two spacious air conditioned rooms, with ensuite bathrooms furnished entirely with antiques and featuring a plunge pool so you can cool off after a day of discovery.


Cadjan Sacred seeks to transport visitors to another age of hospitality. Dine on the best produce sourced fresh from the local market. Sample light string hoppers, fresh roti, delicious pittu and curries cooked with hand roasted spices and meats simmered over an open hearth.

No alcohol is served but you are welcome to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

The Sacred City

Discover the Sacred City. The twin ponds, the sacred Bodhi tree, and off the beaten path attractions like the Ran Masu Uyana. Bikes are provided to all our guests along with maps and trails that cover all the highlights.


Mihinathale is 10 km from Anuradhapura,  visit the spot where Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka. Climb the ancient steps to the monastery that marks the site of the islands first sermon then wander off the main path to find meditation caves, isolated ruins and the stunning kaludiya pokuna, blackwater pool.


Visit Sri Lanka’s largest and most pristine wildlife reserve. The abode of Leopard, Elephants, bears and crocodile Wilpattus thick jungle and abundance of wild-life rich water holes  is a nature lovers dream. We can organize vehicles and an expert tracker who will guide you to the choicest spots for a stunning wildlife encounter.


Become an explorer and head to this little visited ruin 40 km from Anuadhapura. The monastic/hospital complex at Ritigala dates from the 1st century BC century. Ascend 700 meters to a small, cool plateu where you’ll be surrounded by the remains of this vast complex- courtyards and medicinal baths. You’ll most likely have the entire site to yourself.

The surroundings

The property is located in the heart of Anuradhapura’s UNESCO world heritage core. The islands capital from the 4th century BC to the 10 century AD there are ruins here that date back much further.

A center of Buddhist learning it was from here that missionaries carried the scriptures to South  East Asia. The monasteries, columns, bathing pools and palaces that sprawl over thousands of acres tell of the golden age of Sinhala civilization. You’ll find stupas comparable in size to the pyramids, an endless succession of columned ruins now buried in lush forests. It’s a jungle ruin fantasy and yours to explore from Cadjan Sacred,

Cadjan Sacred
Balagalla estate,
Anula Mawatha,


  1. Exit Colombo via the Katunayake expressway E02.
  2. Leave the expressway at Katunayake and turn onto the A3 Puttlam Road.
  3. Continue on the A3 passing Negombo and Chilaw.
  4. At Puttlam Town take a sharp right after the Puttlam Police station and turn onto the A12 (Trincomalee road)
  5. Continue straight on the A12 until you reach Anuradhapura Town.
  6. At Anuradhapura continue straight pass the Basawakkulama tank/ reservoir, until you reach the Thuparama road.
  7. At Thuparamaya you’ll find a “T” junction, the cross road at this junction is “Anula Mawatha”. Turn onto this road approximately 500 metres down this road on the right you find a coconut estate with a name board saying “DD Jayakody”, Balagalla Estate. Cadjan Sacred is situated in this estate on the little hillock.
  8. The little drive way up the hill will take you to the house.
  9. Welcome to Cadjan Sacred.


For any help with directions please call Terina 0777288440