Inspired by the natural beauty of this island- we’ve sought out beautiful spaces that bring out the true essence of Sri Lanka. Each of our three properties offers a glimpse into a different aspect of the nation’s history , culture and natural heritage. At Cadjan Wild discover the spectacular Southern wilderness and the ancient rituals of Kataragama, at Cadjan Earth find yourself in serenity with an absolutely tranquil 100 acre escape, and at Cadjan Sacred immerse yourself in the roots of Sri Lanka’s history as you experience the heritage of an ancestral property within the 3000 year old sacred city.

Each of our villas has been created and restored using traditional materials and techniques from cadjan (coconut thatch) roofs, to earthen walls and and wood-fire hearths.

We are committed to preserving traditional knowledge and the ancient tradition of Sri Lankan hospitality, it is these qualities knowledge and hospitality we seek to share with everyone of our guests.